Fine Art Restoration, Wall Art Hanging, & Fine Art Brokerage

Fine Art Restoration: Cleaning and/or repair

​Cleaning, restoration, and repair services available for oil paintings. Frame repair.

Wall Art Hanging Services

​We are available to assist you with your art framing and hanging projects. Call to discuss your specific needs.

Fine Art Brokerage 

​Occasionally, we are fortunate to take in beautiful works and offer them to collectors. 

Pieces we have brokered or taken to auction in the past:

Glenna Kurtz: Persimmons with Warrior Screen - oil on panel.

Thomas Hart Benton: Wreck of the Old '97 - signed lithograph.

John Steuart Curry: Sanctuary - signed lithograph.

Grant Wood:  Seed Time and Harvest  - signed lithograph; Haystacks in the Snow - signed lithograph

Glenna Kurz: Persimmons with Warrior Screen
Glenna Kurz: Persimmons with Warrior Screen