Carol Kaminski

Carol works out of her studio in Greensboro, NC.  She has been painting in oils for about 10 years and added resin to her toolkit after looking for a new way to create works of art that were loose and that she could create more quickly.

She grew up in Pittsford, NY, a suburb of Rochester, but stills considers State College, PA as home.  Spending her summers on her grandmother’s farm with her siblings and 13 cousins fostered her love of the mountains and small town America.

Carol is mostly a self-taught artist.  She started working in pastels early on, but also dabbled in acrylics and gouache.  Then she switched mediums and has been working in oils for many years.  Her painting tendency has always been to work as realistically as possible but she became drawn to the idea of painting quickly and loosely. In Roanoke, Virginia, she stumbled upon a gallery featuring the artwork of an artist who painted in resin and was instantly drawn to the style and its high-gloss finish. 

 However, Carol discovered a very important bit of information. “Painting with resin can be very frustrating for someone who loves realism like I do.  Once you think you’re done, the resin has other ideas!  Due to the fluid nature of resin, it’s still moving even after you think you’ve finished.  You have to let go of ALL preconceived notions of how a painting will look once you’re done working with it, because it’ll look different once it cures.  Sometimes I like it better before it cures, and several times I’ve ended up with something I like a whole lot better after it’s cured.” 

Carol is currently a member and President of the Fuquay-Varina Arts Council, also having served as their Treasurer and Vice-President.