Cam Cline

Artist Cam Cline, a North Carolina native, lives in Chapel Hill and studied Fine Art at East Carolina University.  A former award-winning graphic designer for an international corporation in Research Triangle Park, she is now focused exclusively on her personal and commissioned artwork. 

Cam’s commissioned paintings and portraits can be seen locally in The Chapel Hill Tennis Club, Seawell Elementary School, The Triangle Dance Academy, Christ United Methodist Church as well as in many North Carolina homes and as far away as Paris and Kampala, Uganda. 

International artist and art critic Louis St. Lewis of North Carolina’s “Metro” magazine says of Cam’s ink portraits:  “Her deft hand is responsible for some of the most imaginative portraits in the area. Cam’s training is evident, especially in her sophisticated ink portraits of children, which are always in great demand. She weaves pattern with an animated sense of design to produce beautiful and unique images that definitely share a kindred spirit with that of the great Gustav Klimt.” 

Cam is married to John Cline, a freelance video producer, and is the mother of Sarah and Max.