Fine Art Reproduction & Giclée Printing

We offer a wide variety of papers and substrates from which to choose, making your fine art printing experience much more interesting and exciting. We carry many types of fine art paper and canvas and will help you choose the substrate that will look best for your fine art reproduction.

What are the benefits of Giclée Printing and Digital Fine Art Capture?

For Artists: 

  •  Archival Giclée printing for lasting prints, using only quality archival papers and ink.
  • Print on Demand (POD) reduces inventory
  • Digitize originals and build intellectual property
  • Open doors to art licensing and future sales
  • Catalog and archive your best artwork
  • Build a professional artist’s portfolio

For Digital Artists:

Digital Art is rapidly emerging as a valid and popular medium. Our art printing is the perfect means for unlocking the potential of digital art, offering a wide array of art papers and canvas. We are currently exploring options to offer metal prints in the near future (Spring 2016).  Some digital artists also mix digital printing with hand painting for fantastic results. Let us bring your digital creations to life.

For Art Collectors:

  • Catalog your art collection
  • Safeguard your assets in case of fire or theft
  • Use Museum Quality art scans to show potential art buyers


Graphic Editing

In some cases the artist will want us to correct an imperfection in the original piece of art, remove mistakes, or remove signatures from the original artwork, add text, and other assorted adjustments, changes and additions. We have the expertise to handle the most demanding digital editing needs. While basic editing services are included in the proofing process, we charge extra for advanced digital editing.

Examples of editing include:

  • Signature removal from original art
  • Removing stains or cracks from original
  • Cloning edges for gallery finishing on canvas prints
  • Removing scratches and imperfections from old film
  • Removing mistakes from original at artist’s request
  • Enhancing or correcting color from the original
  • Collage work, and other Photoshop digital editing