Soul Whispers Arts- Deb Guess

Deb Guess is a full-time jewelry and mixed media artist, producing artwork for galleries and teaching in the Soul Whispers Arts studio and other venues throughout the southeast. Her passion is helping folks make connections between creativity and personal spirituality.

There are some important rules in metalsmithing, but most of them are made to be broken as artists move in new directions.  Deb would definitely define herself as a "rule breaker."   Finding inspiration for her work in architecture, nature, and history, Deb loves incorporating found and vintage objects into her work along with other unexpected mixed media. Her passion for metals stems from the ability to incorporate infinite techniques, designs, materials, and themes into miniature pieces of wearable art.  In addition to creating art, Deb enjoys teaching and watching her own passion for creativity mirrored in the faces of students.

Deb also loves to garden, cook, travel, hang out with her very fun adult children. She lives in Laurinburg, NC with husband, Deck, and her poorly behaved but lovable dog, Schnitzel.