Nancy Austin Snyder

Nancy grew up in a small town in North Carolina filled with beautiful homes and attractive neighborhoods, colorful gardens and thick pine forests and interesting people with wild ideas. Her art draws heavily on childhood play and wanderings through this small town where she would pack a lunch in the morning, stick it in her backpack and take off on a pretend journey returning only when the light of day faded.

Nancy’s art seeks to expose the whimsical magic of childhood as children perceive living forms and colors. Realism isn’t important although you may see a semblance of reality in the art. What’s most important is finding that space and time just under the surface of reality where anything Nancy imagines can become real.

Through the art making process, she plays with the wide realm of possibilities that culminate into a narrative. Art is a language and these works are stories being told through the fantastical characters, creatures and botanical vegetation the viewer sees. What the stories tell are only limited by the individual’s imagination. Nancy’s hope is that her art will make you feel young and happy.