Morgen Kilbourn

Morgen Kilbourn is a focused sculptor known for representing the vivacious character of animals, especially horses, in exquisite and precise detail. She has brought her award winning works to private and commercial patrons around the world for over a decade. With each piece Morgen is inspired to bring vitality into her realism with both a thorough understanding of anatomy and a dose of charisma that delights and inspires her clientele.

"Be it horses or any animal, I strive for capturing an undeniable likeness and infusing that extra spark of character. I also enjoy giving even the most static poses a dynamic feel. Overall with each work my aim is to go beyond the accuracy of biomechanics to infuse vitality and vigor into the subject."

 Morgen creates limited editions of exceptionally detailed bronzes, fine bone china and artist resins.  Recently she has begun working in fired clays as well to create larger one of a kind sculptures and has been making life sized animals with the same level of detail that has always drawn her collectors. In addition to private commissions and licensing, she has also taken on a few commercial commissions.  Twice by Breyer Model Horses for their Premier collection, both works which ultimately are included in their regular product line. Also for a new company, Copperfox Model Horses, she designed for one of their initial new products to be sold primarily in the United Kingdom.  Some of Morgen’s newest projects have gravitated toward larger scales, including some life size canine studies.  

Morgen resides in North Carolina and sculpts full time. Several times a year Morgen teaches classes including workshops thru the AAEA at the Kentucky Horse Park and also is available for private commissions or individual instruction on a limited basis in central North Carolina.