Amylouise Parks Perry

Amylouise Parks Perry is a retired US Army Captain who served as a Trauma Flight Nurse until her team was hit by an RPG in Iraq, leaving her riddled with shrapnel wounds as well as legally blind and deaf. During her 13 years of military service, Amy was awarded the Bronze Star, the Silver Star, the NATO Award and a Purple Heart. 

Amylouise holds five university degrees including a Masters in Disaster Medicine, a BSN in Nursing, a BS in Biology and in Chemistry.

Post injury, while going through rehabilitation, Amylouise became a jewelry designer. Through the process of design, she has found a sense of beauty, a comfort zone, and a renewed sense of accomplishment. Having PTSD, she often cannot sleep at night and will work all night long on her jewelry designs which incorporate raw materials that she has collected from around the globe. Due to her greatly diminished eyesight, Amylouise completes many of her creations with her eyes closed because she is more in tune with her senses, depending on her minds-eye to thread her precious and semi-precious gemstones onto sterling silver wire. 

Her beautiful creations represent her life changing transition and the metamorphosis from an experienced warrior that saved people's lives into an architect of beauty and design.